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This is my real life and my home, come on in....

Now that you are here stop awhile and have a look about. I'm passionate about my lifestyle here mixing the daily chores with the animals alongside my little goats milk soap business. As it usually is with smallholdings we produce quite a diverse range of products either for ourselves or for sale on my soap company website


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Occasionally I get round to producing a rug or two using the fleeces from my sheep and in spring I usually have a glut of plants ready for sale for anyone local. It all makes for a very busy life but one I wouldn't swop for anything else. I hope if you would like to dive into a smallholding adventure of your own that you have a look at my Workshop & Experiences Page above. Come and meet al the animals here and see what aspects of this lifestyle you think you'd really like to do yourself. 


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About us


We are a husband and wife team doing it together. Steve works away so I hold the rudder steady while he's away, but we share equal amounts of effort in our home.

Maes Mawr is a Grade II listed cottage located in a beautiful location in the Nantlle Valley. We have a busy little home with our 9 rescue dogs, a number of rescue feral cats along side our range of livestock. We have a herd of Anglo Nubian goats, a mixed flock of sheep, Kune Kune pigs, two cob ponies, one thoroughbred horse, a range of chickens, ducks and geese and we now have a peacock. Within our family we also have a small herd of Highland Cattle and whilst they are not with us at our home we are involved in their care and breeding.

My main role is working in my soap workshop producing soap, shampoo and a range of skincare products. However throughout spring I'm always to be found in the polytunnel producing more plants for our gardens and occasionally there are plants available to buy direct from us. I use the fleece from our small flock of sheep to make rugs and cushions. We strongly believe in using natural materials and using what we can produce here on the smallholding. 

We've recently been able to start up our courses here with both of us having been used to training individuals in a professional service based job previously. Its been an exciting development and you can read The Reviews here.


I'm completing the Level 2 and 3 RHS Horticulture courses rounding off 10 years of working on gardens and garden design and also as a trained Graphic Designer.

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