Paradise Found - We've Been Rather Quiet Recently.... Here's Why.

Late last year we made a decision. We need to move. We've been building the business, growing plants, playing, doing serious work obviously some of the time. Figuring out how we fully replace one wage with this place. So having spent time where we are we finally decided, we need to move. Something drastic, something to push this to the next level.

Let me summarise our search... We looked at land, barns, houses with some land, houses with lots of land, log cabins and caravans. We searched Scotland, and then decided on North Wales. I spotted a really nice looking house with land, then as soon as I'd spotted it, it vanished off the market. Damn. Anyway it re-appeared in February I think (maybe March, these months are blurring into each other). I saw it, and rang them to book a viewing.

We set off, a bit of a day trip for us. We loved it. We really loved it. I barely spent 10 minutes looking

inside the house, the rest of the time I was outside with Steve. We were just thinking, talking. Can we turn this place into our business? Can we do what we want here? I don't think that mattered really. It felt right, looks right and has land. Lots of land.

We left, reluctantly, but we had to let the owner back into her own home at some point that day.

We drove, and we talked. About halfway down the A5 back towards home I handed Steve the phone. "Ring them, put an offer in!"


Steve couldn't do it, too much pressure apparently. So I pulled over there and then, and rang the estate agent. We'd missed them by 15minutes.

Over the next few days we contacted them, offer was put in. Someone else had already offered! Flip! The owner having been let down last time wasn't going to consider our offer until we were on the market... And with an offer.

It was Friday.

By Monday the house was listed with an agent, due to be on the market by the following week. Solicitors were instructed. Monday morning it was a trip to B&Q for some paint and I started. Every room was cleaned, painted, and presented. The poor dogs coped so well, they were either out running or in the kitchen, never in the rest of the house. Must have been strange. By the following Monday the house was photographed. Wednesday we had our first viewings. And then we got an offer. I rang the estate agent, presented my offer again, with our situation. The offer was made by someone needing to move within months. House sold, she considered, we offered slightly more. She accepted! I was thrilled.

Over the next week things got a bit more complicated as more people wanted our house, bids got silly, we got fed up frankly. Some people were left unhappy what can you do. Finally a nice couple got it. Then as always things go quiet. Searches were underway, surveys were organised. All that time you find yourself sitting. Trying not to plan, because things still needing signing off like a mortgage etc. Yet you want to plan. All the things that will be better when we do go... but not wanting to jinx it. I hate this time. I made myself busy moving some plants I really have to from our garden, things I must take with us. All the time trying not to plan or get excited. Sometimes I think I literally felt sick.

Then things moved, our buyers organised a survey thank goodness they were still going to buy our

home. Our paperwork all came back, we were ready to go. Now just waiting for solicitors and a date.

Hence being quiet... I couldn't bring myself to post anything, you know just in case. Things fall

through all the time don't they. On a recent trip out however I spotted two blue mugs, perfect for

that house. I actually heard myself saying to myself "This won't jinx it" as I picked them up to buy them.

But now I feel happy to post about it, to share our impending journey and our plans with our followers. I'm excited to say that we will in the future be open to the public and what we plan to offer we will share with you another time.

For now, still waiting, I might go sit in the solicitors office. On their desk if needed. For now I might allow myself the joy of planning!

Ema & Steve

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