Paradise Found - A Personal View

I think at times like this having somewhere to vent your frustrations and your hopes can be useful, a form of therapy even. We've got so much to do and yet we are waiting around, not exactly sitting around, there's too much to do, but i'm getting bored planning the new place in my head. We need to get things moving. I think some of the frustration is borne from this not just being a simple change of house or location, this is a lifestyle change, and a business venture.

Waiting, pleading even for the buyers of our current home to just pick a date is frustrating. There's no reason for them to know what happening at our end, no reason for them to understand my desperation even in getting a date so that we can plan ahead. However I feel held up. I don't know how everyone manages this process, moving house. I'm finding our own process very all consuming.

We've got the seasons to consider. We should be in by the end of July. For most people that sounds like loads of time. However this is a Grade II building so everything that we do will need planning permission. Take into account that the windows all need replacing, by a joiner who will make them by hand. Then we need the dog kennels sorting, animal housing all up and sorted before winter.

Maes Mawr

Obviously we'd want all this sorted before the worst of the weather comes in. So..... when our buyers are unable to fix on an exact date..... I get twitchy, really twitchy. They have a wedding to sort after all but a few weeks difference with us is going to have a massive effect. We are working to the seasons here!!

On a plus side, we've sourced most things for the property, a cast iron bath, new sink and taps. These are all things - usually old things that we would struggle to source in wales nearby so makes sense to get them now where we have the biggest choice.

I'm getting into the research also, we're not bad at DIY, but this little house offers a fantastic opportunity to live in a rather more basic way. That's not to say its going to be hard core living..... No way. We just need to change our current ideas on how to fix that building, how to make changes.

It was built in or around 1840, it's got 3ft thick stone walls which sit on the soil, any flooring inside again underneath will effectively sit on the ground. We've got to manage moisture levels and open up one fireplace in the bedroom downstairs. There is little insulation except what the building itself gives. So when we do get in.... a ceiling needs coming down, a fireplace opening, investigation underneath the kitchen floor as that used to be the cow shed.... I can't wait. Even the process of digging out the spring in the top field will be exciting. It will need updated pipework so thats a whole new system we need to learn about. However the end result will mean we drink pure spring water filtered by the snowdonia mountains...... Wow!

Then another issue is my brain, it won't switch off. I'm trying to plan the site. Get it wrong with the layout and you make things really difficult for yourself. Get it right.... well it can be amazing and you'll have planned for any future business ideas which means everything will fit together as the years go by.

Thankfully the buyers of our house are looking forward to moving in, they are grateful for the garden being planted up for them. We were happy to do all that for them, they are buying a beautiful place and a great home. Just pick a date will you......

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