I'm Back!

I'm all organised, I have my planner I've even got some pens. I bought myself a new chair for the desk which has wheels so I can move around easier, and I bought some fab shelving for the soap workshop. I'll take some pictures later this week, its lovely to be organised. It's also about time, although I still have a few jobs outside pulling my attention, the big yard outside the main barn is having a major facelift, the concrete is going down. It is desperately needed for everything from the sheep when we bring them in for health checks to the ponies in horrid weather. It will be the perfect solution to getting them off the wet and sodden ground. Hopefully I can spend some time getting them used to being groomed a touch more than they are currently used to. I really want to groom their feathers and look after their hooves better than I feel we can at the moment. I'm also taking into account the huge amounts of water coming down and the fact that it probably isn't going to change much in the future with the climate changing as it is.

So what else am I up to? Well autumn is the time to think about next year. I find it less depressing to think about the coming spring and make plans, winter becomes less about the grey days but a time to prepare the soil in the kitchen garden, time to repair the barn wall and overall have a tidy up before the onslaught of jobs in spring. It's more of a resting time, I can take stock of what worked and plan for next year.

If you subscribe to our site as a member and have access to the Members Page you'll also now know that I've got a few plans for specialist courses and workshops in 2022, some with guest speakers. I have absolutely loved bringing the sheep onto our holding and I don't mind admitting to the fact that I'm addicted to their fleece and my personal passion at the moment is making rugs and cushions with it all. So I wanted to share that passion so watch this space for some very talented women joining me in creating some fabulous workshops in keeping sheep as well as crafting with their fleece.

And with all that happening I really hope you like the updates, the constant stream of images of sheep which I'm sorry (not sorry) will get worse. Some of our younger goats are stepping up to the forefront of the herd and hopefully will carry some lovely goat kids safely through to spring, it all becomes very exciting heading into winter when you're too busy looking forward to what's to come.

Oh and did I mention we had a peacock..... its going to be all colours and sparkles next year!

Emma x

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