Smallholding Experience Day

A full day 9.30am - 5pm.

A whole range of topics from choosing your own place, building on a budget, keeping animals for pets or meat. Layouts and access, equipment and the realities of weather. Growing your own food and the enjoyment we have from a simpler life.

This day is designed to give you an overall look into all aspects of creating and running a smallholding with advice that will suit everyone no matter what your plans.


We offer a light lunch and tea and scones to end the day either in the barn or outside in the gardens, weather dependant.

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Dairy Goat Keeping

A full day 9.30am - 5pm.


The perfect workshop for those who want to keep goats for milking. Whether you would like to milk for your own personal use or for a business we can show you our set up and talk you through keeping goats for more than just pets. Advice about housing and keeping a larger herd, health care and breeding.


An introduction to making cheese and processing your milk for your use at home. 


We offer a light lunch and tea and scones to end the day either in the barn or outside in the gardens, weather dependant. 

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Sheep Keeping & Crafting

A full day 10am - 5pm.


A co-written course between myself Emma Bennett and Esther Howie. Learn all you need to keep your own small flock of sheep, learn their welfare needs and the Sheep Year, all you need to know about keeping sheep over a 12 month period. You'll learn about the different breeds not only for their suitability for your holding but also for your crafting needs.

Spend the morning or afternoon crafting with fleece with Esther Howie.

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The Catering

All of our catering is done by Kath at Tyddyn Mawr Tea Room.


Whilst we enjoy cooking with our own produce and using our Aga the reality is we have a number of dogs and we felt that the additional accreditation to achieve home cooking to be supplied to members of the public was perhaps a little too much for us to address at this time. We are also on our own spring water, so bottled water is supplied. Not only does this bypass the additional costs to us of having our water tested to be supplied to the public, but also allows us to comply with Covid regulations. 


By booking a course with us, choosing to stay locally you are helping to support the wider community of small businesses. This is something that is vital in smallholding and rural communities and a matter we are very passionate about.