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I can't get over how much has changed here, how structure is slowly being imposed over what was grassy fields and paddocks with rough looking dry stone walls crossing the site like backbones. There seems an order to the place, a routine even. Everything is beginning to have a place, and a natural layout has evolved.

Some of our structure at this stage is rows of canes sporting clear plastic tubes. Nothing to look at, and in most cases you can't even see the little plant hiding inside its own little cloche. However in my mind I fast forward 5 years, I can see a canopy, underplanted with willow for coppicing. I see herbaceous borders planted for us but also for the casual walker using the footpath that crosses our land. I'll be proud to offer those walkers or local residents a path dry or at least solid under foot. Something that in itself will be amazing after all the drainage work is finished.

Those paths, and divided views of the surrounding landscape will be breath taking. In spring the blossom of the apple and wild cherry trees will, I have no doubt be spectacular along a 64mtr path. The row of oak trees planted will provide a wind break to the top field, sure up the footpath and perhaps over time those roots will raise up through the soil and provide extra footing for the casual walker, including us. I'm looking forward to enjoying the dappled shade they'll offer. Large horse chestnuts have been planted, sycamore and holly. I've no doubt that like my neighbours the trees will bring squirrels who'll dig up newly planted daffodils but the impact of creating views, narrowing space and filling it with canopy in places will be rewarding.

We have started to think of the whole place as one big garden. Different rooms, some more utilitarian but a garden non the less, even the 'work yard' with tractor shed can be made to look good, to be attractive.

Slate foot bridges are crossing the middle paddock over the new drainage channel, in places filled with rocks, in others small pools offer our chickens fresh drinking water. Everything that needs to be useful can still be attractive.

We are planning the colour scheme as it rolls around the garden, and it will be interesting to see the contrast between our bamboos as they frame the view to more prairie planting in the more exposed bottom part of the garden.

Two roses have been planted, birthday presents from my husband. Roses 'Iceberg' and 'Rambling Rector'. They are planted in the small area of trees in the garden, their roots facing east in nice deep soil and the stems pointing south. As the new growth starts the wind as it blows will naturally blow the stems back into the trees in the open site we picked for them. They'll need mulching and some good rotten horse muck, but thankfully we have that here now. I suspect that if treated well, they will scramble up into the open canopy of the trees and provide a beautiful white backdrop in the distance.

I'm also planning the water supply to the nursery, and as its a gravity fed system, we must work it out ourselves. The land falls away from the well, and pipes are already in place to a certain point. It's an enjoyable job walking the dogs, brew in hand working out by eye where the water will run to. We hope to put up the poly tunnels soon, the only glass house we will be having for now is up, glass in most of it, just a few pieces to cut to size and a plug socket or two to be installed and i'll be sowing seeds like a mad woman. The glass house might seem small but it will form part of a bigger set up, it's for starting delicate seeds off that might need more attention and finished off the nissan hut that was already on site.

Whatever we plant in our garden we'll list for sale online. in a few years you'll see the plants, as they are planted out, we hope this will assist in making decisions about what to plant in your own garden easier. You'll be able to fully assess if the general plant size in a few years is really right. We might even be able to inspire you to chose plants you might not have chosen before.

It's been a busy week, including my birthday so cake baking was on the list of things to do. They'll be more blogs published in the coming months. If you love your gardening stay in touch we are about to embark on our biggest garden design project so far.


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