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So it's raining, finally, which is the only reason we've abandoned the outside jobs for today and come in. This last week was a rush, not only to move more slate but also do a significant amount of weeding as well as barrowing. We had 3 ton of soil dropped for free on our driveway last week. We knew rain was coming so it was a real hard push to get it moved before it got really wet.

Yet again Spring has been dry, same as last year. Thank fully without a massive heat wave as well but I still need to re-seed the fields. In this recent weather it was not even worth considering when the ground is that dry its started cracking. Clearly we have much more soil improvement to do as well as a few years of over seeding to get the green colour in spring we envy from those with well managed fields nearby. As some of you may know, a mere 5 years ago much of this land was a water logged bog, so we've come far, very far, but as with things like this it takes time to create a balance, to repair the soil structure, certainly to bring more life to the soil to help the grass grow. Our livestock are going to play a big part in its management over the coming years.

So for now, I'm now getting some sitting down time, listening to the heavy sound of rain on the slates. The geese outside I can see are not bothered at all by the weather and our preparations for the coming weather yesterday were well planned out. Not only are the horses in clean houses but so are the goats. The sheep are also choosing to shelter in their newly added field shelter and I don't blame them, it's horrid outside.

However, our water level was low in the spring in the top field, we still had plenty but I always feel better when its right at the top. The soil was getting dry and newly planted plants were wilting before my eyes. The ground was so hard on the fields and I'm sitting on top of 6 big bags of grass seed. Good job I didn't sow earlier I think it would have all been washed away by now.

I'm also excited to say we have bookings coming in for the workshops here this summer, so this rain is certainly going to help bring the flowers on for all those people to enjoy the cream tea at the end of the day in the gardens. These days are very much going to be a personal perspective on the smallholding life. Our journey and our choices here, equally we hope that people can take from that and apply what we have learnt to their own places. We know some are coming over to see if this lifestyle is for them. Does the appeal of the country life with sheep on your door step loose its appeal in real life? Who knows, I just hope its not raining sideways when they do come, even I question my life choices in weather like that!

After the rain however, the sun does come back and I realise what we do have here, and why I wouldn't swop it for the rest of the world.


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